19 March, 2024

Introducing the THS Neonatal Cart: Innovating Intra-Hospital Transport for Newborn Care

Québec, QC (March 19th, 2024) – Technimount Medical (Technimount), a pioneering innovator in medical equipment solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of the THS™ Neonatal Cart, an innovative product designed to securely transport the Dräger Babyleo © TN500 incubator, elevating the standards of neonatal care through unparalleled flexibility and quality of care.

In the landscape of neonatal care, where every moment is critical, navigating the challenge of ensuring the utmost safety and efficiency in intra-hospital transport emerges as a paramount concern. This challenge is compounded by significant physiological hurdles faced by pre-term babies, notably the precarious task of maintaining body temperature. Additionally, numerous factors including cooler room temperatures, low birth weight, and the necessity of transferring newborns across multiple beds to bring them to the NICU or other units, further exacerbate this challenge.  Pairing the Dräger’s Baby Leo with the THS Neonatal cart mitigates all these vital challenges.

The THS Neonatal Cart is meticulously designed to meet these demanding requirements, providing healthcare professionals with a robust and versatile solution for transporting newborns and essential medical equipment within medical facilities. Far beyond mere conveyance, this cutting-edge solution not only facilitates gentler intra-hospital transitions but also significantly diminishes the inherent risks associated with conventional transport methods by centralizing and organizing the multitude of devices needed for the care of these fragile patients. This solution ensures uninterrupted thermal support and facilitates critical care and monitoring, thereby easing the stress typically associated with bed transfers of premature infants during intra-hospital transport.

The THS Neonatal Cart boasts a robust and easily maneuverable design, featuring integrated handles on both sides to ensure ergonomic handling for individuals of varying heights. With its tailored ergonomics, healthcare professionals can experience enhanced grip and comfort during transport, facilitating seamless movement within hospital settings. Designed to streamline workflow efficiency and enhance patient safety, this solution features four smooth-gliding dual casters with a braking system on each wheel for effortless mobility. With extendable IV poles, it provides smooth maneuverability and convenience for accommodating multiple IV bags.

Additionally, the THS Neonatal Cart offers superior versatility with its horizontal and vertical rail system maximizing medical device space for efficient management, easy access, and visibility. Furthermore, this solution can effectively accommodate heavy medical devices, boasting a robust top shelf capable of supporting up to 60 lbs, along with a UPS shelf ensuring uninterrupted power supply to the Babyleo and other critical equipment. With the comprehensive Technimount fastening systems, healthcare professionals can trust in the reliability and security of the THS Neonatal Cart. This ensures continuity of care and allows for the provision of essential medical interventions during intra-hospital transport.

Furthermore, the THS coupling device can be installed at either front or end of the incubator, offering an additional option to connect your cart and attach it to the fold-up hitch of the THS Neonatal Cart for seamless integration and ease of use. This flexible THS coupling device ensures the safe and adjustable transport of newborns, providing versatility and adaptability for various scenarios.

This innovative cart comes with additional essential features to optimize neonatal care workflows, including dedicated cylinder holders for secure gas cylinder storage, and an optional medical-grade power bar with surge protection for uninterrupted operation. Recognizing the diverse needs of neonatal care facilities, the THS Neonatal Cart is fully customizable, allowing healthcare providers to build their cart with accessories tailored to their specific requirements.

“Our commitment at Technimount is to continuously innovate by offering comprehensive solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of intra-hospital care and transport for newborns,” said Carl Bouchard, Founder, and CEO of Technimount System. “With the launch of the THS Neonatal Cart, we aim to create a stable continuum of infant care and set a new standard in neonatal care, empowering healthcare professionals with the tools they need to deliver exceptional care to newborns.”

For more information about the THS Neonatal Cart and how it can elevate your neonatal care practices, please visit technimount.com or contact info@technimount.com

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