Xtension Pro™ Assistant – CCT
Mounting System for ECMO and Critical Care Transport of Multiple Medical Devices. 

The Xtension Pro™ Assistant – CCT is designed to secure multiple medical devices during ECMO and Critical Care Transport. This mounting solution improves interchangeability between different medical devices, and its customizable features are designed to conform to your unique needs and operational protocols. Along with other-life sustaining medical devices, the Xtension Pro Assistant – CCT enables a secure installation of an ECMO device on its mobile support structure.

The Xtension Pro™ Assistant – CCT features a gliding system that enables a lateral patient transfer from bed to stretcher. It features Technimount’s universal mounting system widely used among Emergency Medical Services in North America, increasing flexibility, and ensuring a seamless transition from ground emergency transport up to hospital environments.

Tested in compliance with the highest industry standards, SAEJ3043, the Xtension Pro™ Assistant – CCT ensures the safety of patients and crews during transport by offering features and benefits that truly respond to the evolving needs of Critical Care professionals.

Product highlights

  • Secures multiple medical devices during Critical Care Transport on a robust single structure
  • Designed to secure an ECMO device
  • Reduces medical equipment installation time and improves equipment management during patient transport
  • Increases flexibility and access to medical devices from all angles
  • Includes Gliding System to facilitate a lateral patient transfer, even when medical devices are installed
  • Mobile Support Structure can be easily removed for maintenance, cleaning, or storing
  • Can accommodate a type D gas cylinder within the Mobile Support Structure to interchange between ECMO and Nitric Oxide (NO) medical devices which require a gas cylinder to function
  • Includes power bar placement and medical-grade power bars with surge protection (up to two power bars can be installed)
  • Optional push bars on the Mobile Support Structure to ensure improved ergonomics for the paramedic
  • 1L IV bag capacity on each push bar
  • Tested in compliance with the highest industry standards, SAE J3043
  • Ensures the safety of patients and crews during Critical Care Transport and reduces the risk of damage to the equipment

Designed for

Transport of multiple medical devices in ground ambulances:

  • Stretcher

Having a proper mounting solution to secure your medical devices safely is very important. It can avoid costly repairs or replacements of medical equipment and possible injuries.