Xtension Pro™ Assistant – CCT

Mounting System for Multiple Medical Devices during Critical Care Transport

The Xtension Pro™ Assistant – CCT is designed to secure multiple medical devices during critical care transport. Widely used among Emergency Medical Services in North America, this solution features Technimount’s universal mounting system, allowing for the interchangeability between medical devices according to protocols in place.

This single robust structure is designed to secure medical devices such as a monitor/defibrillator, a ventilator, and several pumps. This solution features a gliding system that facilitates the lateral patient transfer of the patient from the bed to the stretcher (and vice versa).

Tested in compliance with the highest safety standards, SAE J3043, the Xtension Pro™ Assistant – CCT ensures the safety of patients and personnel during transport by offering features and benefits that truly respond to the evolving needs of critical care professionals.

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Product highlights

  • Secures and organizes a monitor/defibrillator, a ventilator, and several pumps on a single robust structure.
  • Universal mounting system increasing flexibility and enabling interchangeability between medical devices.
  • Integrated gliding system facilitating a lateral patient transfer, even when all the equipment is installed.
  • Structure optimizes space in the ambulance and reduces medical equipment installation time while improving equipment management during patient transport.
  • Ensures the safety of patients and personnel during critical care transport and reduces the risk of damage to the equipment.
  • Mobile structure can be easily removed for maintenance, cleaning, or storing.
  • Tested in compliance with SAE J3043, the highest safety standards for the transport of medical devices.

Designed for

Transport of multiple medical devices in ground ambulances:

  • Stretcher

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