Bracket Pro Serie® 60-GR2
Mounting System For the Hamilton-T1 from Hamilton Medical

The Bracket Pro Serie® 60-GR2 is designed to secure the HAMILTON-T1 Ventilator from Hamilton Medical® during ground EMS and critical care transport.

With dual disc flexibility, this solution can be installed in various mounting configurations on surfaces, stretchers, and wall mounts. This bracket allows full access to ventilator connectors and tubing at all times, ensuring crucial patient connections. Flexible across diverse settings, the Bracket Pro Serie – GR2 adapts to different patient needs while providing quick deployment in emergencies.

Tested in compliance with the highest industry safety standards for ground transport of medical devices.

Product highlights

  • Flexible for use in different ground applications
  • Standard bottom disc and anti-rotation micro disc
  • Rotary locking system to easily install and remove the device from the bracket
  • No interference with medical device components, connectors and tubings
  • Solution compatible with Technimount’s Standard Surface Base, Safety Arm System and Floor Mount, and more
  • Access to the medical device from all angles with the standard bottom disc (360º rotation on Technimount’s Standard Surface Base)
  • No screws or attachments into the housing of the medical device
  • Made from high-density aluminum with silver-anodized finish
  • Resistant to biological fluids and Quaternary-type disinfectants for easy cleaning
  • Tested in compliance with SAE J3043

Designed for

EMS Vehicles:

  • Stretchers
  • Ambulances