About Technimount System

Technimount System is a Canadian company that incorporates engineering, manufacturing, and commercialization divisions dedicated to serving the Healthcare industry. We are a recognized industry leader in innovative and flexible mounting solutions for medical devices in emergency medical services, hospitals, and military environments.

Committed to healthcare from day one, the company was founded out of the necessity to increase safety and efficiency for healthcare providers and to improve patient care in everyday practices. 

We offer mounting solutions for the efficient management of medical equipment, to help healthcare professionals to focus on what matters most, patient care. Our solutions secure medical equipment while providing immediate access during emergency medical transport as well as intra-hospital transfers and mobility. Our engineering DNA manifests throughout our divisions and product lines providing innovative solutions that improve practices throughout the patient care continuum.

Technimount designs and develops innovative solutions with high-technology components for medical equipment, and efficiently delivers them via its direct sales channels and extensive distribution network. We take pride in providing exceptional solutions that allow increased safety and flexibility for healthcare professionals.

Custom Solutions for OEM’s 

Our vast experience working with some of the most renowned companies in the Healthcare Industry has led Technimount System to international recognition as an industry leader in high-quality and flexible mounting solutions.

From the early stages of the development process, we collaborate closely with industry partners; Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Healthcare Organizations. Together, with a true understanding of end user challenges, practices, and their environment, we create innovative products that bring value to healthcare practitioners.

Technimount Engineering

Technimount Engineering is our design and engineering division dedicated to the Healthcare industry. Working closely with healthcare professionals and original equipment manufacturers, it creates innovative and effective solutions that respond to their needs. Technimount Engineering transforms concepts into final products, ensuring their functionality brings value and improves patient care.

Technimount Engineering counts on a highly-qualified team of experienced engineers, designers and technicians. The key to our success is the creation of multidisciplinary teams with a strong understanding of the Healthcare industry that can collaborate on different projects in order to design the most advanced and innovative solutions. From the early stages of the product development process, Technimount Engineering ensures compliance with industry regulations and the highest industry standards.

You can rely on our team of experts whether you are looking to develop a new project or customize a specific application of a current technology or product.

HTMC Medical 

HTMC Medical is Technimount System’s manufacturing division of high-technology medical components and products. By partnering with innovative companies, we create breakthrough products for various medical specialties, in a wide range of applications.

We offer manufacturing, assembly and logistics services as well as prototyping and production for a wide range of applications. From completely assembled products to specialized components and larger volume production.

HTMC Medical follows 13485  ISO quality management processes in all of its operations whith makes it the partner of choice for minimizing inventory or shipping costs, and for dealing with complex regulations related to shipping and export. We ensure to maintain high quality standards that have characterized Technimount System since its founding.

Technimount EMS


Technimount EMS offers a wide range of mounting systems for medical devices, addressing the safety needs of patients and staff during ground or air emergency and critical care transport, establishing itself as a standard in the Emergency Medical Services industry.

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Technimount Medical


Technimount Medical is dedicated to serving the Healthcare community worldwide with innovative mobility and mounting systems for medical equipment that improve the efficiency of patient care in hospital and clinical environments.

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