Having proper mount brackets to safely secure medical devices is very important.  This can avoid costly repairs or replacements of medical equipment and avoid possible injuries, which can lead to expensive lawsuits.  This is crucial for your patients and your medical staff.

Now that you understand the importance of offering safe bracket systems for your patients, and protecting your equipment, why should you choose Technimount? For hospital decision makers, choosing Technimount equals peace of mind! Peace of mind you have the best possible solution in terms of investment, fleet and most of all equipment protection!

Flexibility where it matters most

Your medical equipment is probably your first concern, after the patient care. Technimount gives you the freedom to choose the mounts to support and protect your medical equipment. Everything we make is designed for flexibility in transporting portable medical devices. No matter the brand, and the equipment type, our brackets fit!

In the event, you need to change your medical equipment, no problem! With Technimount, no need to change the entire mount. You only need to change the adapter installed on the medical device only, all the other components remain the same. Technimount is thus the most cost efficient option!

Compliant with the highest industry standards

Injury risks associated with using portable medical devices in hospitals are smaller than in EMS vehicles. However, proper mount systems are important at all times. This will minimize the chances of accidentally dropping the units on the floor for different reasons such as a cart crash, or accidental manipulation. Unsecured equipment can cause injuries to medical staff or patients. Having a mounting system that has been tested for different purposes with equipment is important. Technimount systems are always ahead of the game. At Technimount, we take safety very seriously. The majority of our products are compliant with the highest industry standards including the new SAE J3043 regulation for impact resistance with an ambulance, disinfectant resistance, soft acid and many others. They are fully tested with the CRIQ, which is the industrial research center of Quebec, a Government Laboratory highly recognized for its testing expertise. Tests on our mounting brackets are run by professionals at Government funded labs and are done with actual medical devices AND the mounting brackets (Bracket Pro Serie). We thus have the safest solutions on the market for portable medical mount solutions!

Rest assured, we have it covered!

All Technimount parts have a unique registered serial number. In the event that you would like to replace a part, for inventory management, preventive maintenance or you need traceability, you can quickly locate it to replace it! We also have very good and quick support. Our customer service team is dedicated to you!

We also offer optional warranty plans for up to three years for your mount as well as a one-year free warranty plan. Learn more about this by visiting our Service & Support section.

We understand your needs

Our experience with the industry’s largest companies as well as our team’s knowledge in the medical field gives us the edge to develop cutting edge and flexible solutions for the hospital market. Technimount Systems has partnerships with some of the best medical device, hospital bed and stretcher manufacturers.  We can simplify your inventory of medical devices with standard adapters or mounts. Our systems are used by hundreds of clients across Canada, the United States and Europe.

Smart manufacturing

Our parts are mechanically manufactured by CNC machines (not molded), which makes for much lighter brackets. Our products also have anodized coating, which increases their durability and specifically protects them against sodium and light acid fluids.  The release handle on all bases are anodized red and our lock systems work with a simple push movement. No action is required to lock the units, you simply push it.  Both these characteristics are crucial for quick device manipulation in urgent situations.  You can switch from a crash cart system to a bed or cot system without complicated adjustments and set up!

Choose the best medical equipment.  Our systems give you that freedom. Contact us today, to learn more about our solutions!