Bracket Pro Serie®️ 76 PX

Mounting System for Philips Tempus®️ Pro Monitor With Optional Accessory Bags

The Bracket Pro Serie® 76 PX is designed to secure the Philips Tempus® Pro Monitor with optional accessory bags during ground EMS transport.

Product highlights

  • Red quick release mechanism
  • Aluminum feet and integrated front handle
  • Made with resistant material to biological fluids and quaternary-type disinfectants
  • 360 bracket rotation when installed on Technimount’s Standard Surface Base
  • Tested in compliance with SAE J3043
  • Extends the device’s portability to a variety of applications
  • Compact, practical and lightweight solution used on stretchers, floors, surfaces and wall systems
  • Front handle enables simple bracket installation and removal from Standard Surface Base
  • Sturdy material that withstands tough EMS environments
  • Keeps the medical device lightweight and portable
  • Ensures patient and personnel safety during critical care transport – reduces the risk of equipment damage

Designed for:

  • Designed for Ground EMS and Critical Care Transport

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Having proper mount brackets to safely secure your medical devices is paramount. This can avoid costly repairs or replacement of medical equipment and avoid possible injuries for patients and crews.