Bracket Pro Serie®25 Flex
Mounting System For ZOLL® X Series® Monitor / Defibrillator

Technimount’s Bracket Pro Serie® 25 Flex mounting system is designed for intensive use in tough environments. It provides fast and easy access to the ZOLL® X Series® Monitor / Defibrillator, ensuring a safer environment for EMS during patient transport. It is made from a combination of high-density aluminum and UV Stabilized ABS plastic. This plastic is an extremely tough thermoplastic, resistant to biological fluids and Quaternary-type disinfectants.

Highly flexible, the plastic material absorbs energy upon impact, and therefore does not break under intensive use. The mounting system’s innovative design concept provides improved protection for its components, ensuring a longer durability. SAE J3043 compliant, the Bracket Pro Serie® 25 Flex is the optimal solution for EMS and military environments.

Product highlights

  • Complies with the highest industry standards SAE J3043
  • Made from high-density aluminum and durable UV Stabilized ABS plastic, making it ideal for tough EMS conditions
  • Resistant to biological fluids and quaternary-type disinfectants
  • Combination of bracket and medical device remains lightweight and flexible
  • Universal standard bottom disc for installation on Technimount’s Standard Surface Base system in various applications
  • Designed with a positive curve so the bracket becomes level with the weight of the medical device to protect the standard bottom disc
  • Molded feet eliminate the need for replacement and protect the bracket and the medical device when placed on the ground
  • Access to medical device from all angles and 360° rotation on Technimount’s Standard Surface Base
  • Quick release mechanism helps deploy the unit almost instantly for fast and easy access

Designed for:

  • Stretchers
  • EMS Vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Air Ambulances
  • Military Vehicles
Standard Surface Base

Standard Surface Base for Mounting System

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