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The Technimount Healthcare System (THS) product line offers highly ergonomic systems intended for intra-hospital mobility.

Technimount Medical offers state-of-the-art solutions that help Healthcare providers accomplish higher efficiency during their practice. Our team works closely with Healthcare professionals to design modular and highly efficient mounting solutions that address Healthcare professionals’ specific needs for accessibility and support of medical equipment. Technimount Medical provides a comprehensive set of mounting systems for medical devices in the clinical and hospital environment.

Healthcare professionals are continuously faced with finding equipment that makes their everyday practice more efficient. We work closely with Medical providers to develop innovative and modular solutions that are flexible and help them to accomplish a higher level of patient care during their practice. The THS product line features unique designs that facilitate hospital day-to-day operations and make intra-hospital mobility much easier by offering stability, increased flexibility, and enhanced ergonomics. Its unparalleled modularity among different product categories offers cost-effectiveness for multiple hospital units.


Modular IV Stands for a Wide Range of Applications. From the light-duty model with a single to the intensive use model that can support numerous IV bags, pumps, or other medical devices the THS Premium IV Stand offers single, dual, and triple-pole options as well as modular accessory configurations to meet the specific needs of any care unit.


One-of-a-kind IV Stands that Integrate Ergonomics. The THS Ergo IV Stand has been developed with not only the medical staff but also the patients in mind. The unique base design of the Ergo IV Stand makes walking with it much easier by providing good stability and adequate foot space. The height-adjustable handle is also designed for a comfortable posture while walking. Now patients can move around with confidence with their equipment.


One-of-a-kind Medical Device IV Stand that Integrate Ergonomics. Designed to bring the right equipment to the right place and at the right time, the THS Medical Device Cart can securely support specialized medical devices such as ventilators, monitors, defibrillators, or any other medical device with all its accessories. Optionally, these carts can be equipped with our Universal Mounting Base allowing for complete compatibility with Technimount EMS’ mounting systems for medical devices making the transfers easier from an ambulance to the hospital.


A True WOW! Factor in the Hospital. The slim design of the THS Workstation on Wheels makes it easy to maneuver, yet very stable and versatile. The sit-to-stand height-adjustable workstation can be customized according to your needs. It can receive an all-in-one computer, a standard computer set of CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, laptop, or a tablet. The Work Station on Wheels can also be equipped with various accessories such as different size drawers, an articulated arm for single or multiple screens, a printer, battery, and power bar holders.


The Wall Mount System is designed to be installed either in an exam, operating, hallway or patient room with minimal space requirements.
These workstations incorporate essential ergonomic features, such as height adjustment and a retractable arm to minimize its footprint when it is not in use.


Revolutionizing Medical Device Installation on Poles. THS Techni-Clamp is a true game-changer in medical practice. This patented technology allows for the quick installation of pumps and other medical devices on IV poles and tubular structures in the most ergonomic way.

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The Synergy Between Pre-Hospital and Hospital Services. Inspired by Technimount EMS Standard Surface Base which is at the center of the original concept that revolutionized medical device transport in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) market, Technimount Medical’s Universal Mounting Base becomes the missing link in the creation of efficiencies between pre-hospital and hospital services.

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Having proper support to hold your medical devices in place can prevent possible patient and staff injury and reduce the risk of potential damage or replacement of medical equipment.