THS Premium IV Stand

Modular IV Stand for a Wide Range of Applications

From the light-duty model with a single to the intensive use model that can support numerous IV bags, pumps or other medical devices the THS Premium IV Stand offers single, dual and triple-pole options as well as modular accessory configurations to meet the specific needs of any care unit.

Product Highlights

  • Available in single, double and triple IV pole configurations
  • Integrates Techni-Control patented technology in each IV pole for a controlled and easier height adjustment
  • Features the Techni-Track patented technology in its main structure for maximum modularity for accessory installation
  • Multiple options for top poles with 4 star or in-line IV bag hooks or 8 in-line IV bag hooks
  • Height-adjustable handle with optional utility tray
  • Optional single or double O2 tank holder
  • Medical grade power bar with surge protection
  • Drainage bag hook, cable management, and optional basket, hand sanitizer and glove box holders
  • Highly-stable and unique design base with white powder-coated paint
  • Six 3-inch swivel casters made of urethane and impact-resistant nylon

Key Features

As part of the THS family, the Premium IV Stand features our patented technologies:

  • Techni-Track for maximum modularity and flexibility for accessory installation and interchangeability
  • Controlled Descending technology integrated in its IV poles for an easier height adjustment and IV bag installation and removal
  • Low-noise, smooth gliding IV pole is also highly stable due to its unique six-wheel base design


Customize your Premium IV Stand with the following accessories

Height Adjustable

Drainage Bag Hook

Medical Grade Power
Bar with Surge

Hand Sanitizer

Glove Box Holder

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