There are many options on the market for installing mounts…. why looking at Technimount’s products?

As an OEM or ambulance builder, it gets easier to look at mounts as an “option” or an accessory that is not the priority in the list of requirements for your clients.  It’s mostly seen as an option into the list that is presented to your clients.  At Technimount, we can offer you a different “concept” or Safety Solutions.  The majority of our mounts are certified based on SAE 3043, and if you look at our products in details, you’ll realize that our bases are made to accept all kinds of medical device and mainly defibrillators.  You don’t have to deal with all the Brands and buy mounts for each brand.  It means you can manage all your entire inventory with only ONE part!

Think about the price of this single base, in comparison with the whole ambulance cost and other competitive mounts, you’ll quickly realize that you can offer safety to your clients, at a really cheap cost!

Technimount Product Characteristics

Benefits for OEM client

Standard surface base mount
(no matter medical device)
Low cost inventory and less parts management
Products certified according to SAE J3043
Certified by Government independent laboratory; safety confirmed on products
Serial number unique for all parts & Manufacturer info
Traceability in case of a sad event – accident
Rapid & easy access for client in claim warranty
CNC mechanical manufacturing (not molded)
Perfect manufacturing
Identical parts – perfect fit
Anodized coating on parts base and disc
Increase durability – better protection
Release handle colored in red for fast identification
Efficacy in urgent situation
Interchangeability with the base to all kinds of mount for medical device
Flexibility in the same brand
Multiple Brands can co-exist
Simplify fleet management
Interchangeability from a surface base system to a stretcher system
Easy to work with; to switch from stretcher to surface system
Complement accessories available:
Converter Pro (Table top converter)
Spacer Pro (Raiser mounting)
Customized color base possible
(except release button – always red -)
Marketed for ambulance builder
Thickness coating option for heavy duty use (military or intensive use)
Flexibility and better protection for your clients
Best ROI over time    (equipment change)
Only top / device section can be changed if needed
Only clamp box on stretcher