Bracket Pro Serie 92-GR3
Mounting System For 3 Sapphire™ Infusion Pumps

The Bracket Pro Serie® 92 – GR3 is designed to support 3 Sapphire® infusion system pumps during ground EMS and Critical Care Transport. Highly flexible, it easily installs and transfers between stretchers/cots, counters, and walls in ground ambulances. The Bracket Pro Serie® 92-GR3 features a red quick release mechanism for easy installation and removal of each pump from its holder.

Product highlights

  • Designed to secure up to 3 Sapphire infusion pumps during ground EMS/critical care transport
  • Medical device retained on main assembly with individual locking mechanism on each pump holder
  • Anti-rotation micro disc to support different mounting configurations on stretchers/cots, surfaces and wall system
  • Red quick release mechanism to instantly remove the pump from its holder
  • No interference with the medical device components, cables and tubing
  • Tested in compliance with SAE J3043

Designed for:

  • Designed for stretchers and walls during ground EMS and critical care transport

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Having proper mount brackets to safely secure your medical devices is paramount. This can avoid costly repairs or replacement of medical equipment and avoid possible injuries for patients and crews.