Cardiatek – Mounting System Designed For Abiomed Automated Impella Controller

The Cardiatek system is the only universal solution to mount the Automated Impella Controller (AIC) in different applications such as on surface, floor and wall systems. It is designed to fit ground and air ambulance configurations.

This innovative system secures the medical device during transport to avoid possible injuries to patient and crew. It also reduces risks of damage causing costly repairs or complete replacement of the medical equipment.

Cardiatek Mounting Bracket

Cardiatek’s mounting bracket offers unparalleled flexibility. When used with its floor mount, it is compatible with the floor platform of air ambulances. Combined with the wall mount, it can be used for ground ambulances.

Cardiatek Wall Mount

Cardiatek’s Wall Mount is designed for Abiomed’s AIC mounting bracket. It comprises a high-density aluminum frame with a micro base to accommodate the small anti-rotation disc on the back of the mounting bracket. Four quick release clamps are used to secure the wall mount on ground ambulance wall rails.

Cardiatek Floor Mount

Carditek’s floor mount is designed for floor rails of air ambulances. The system comprises a high-density aluminum plate with T-shape handles with stainless steel plungers for easy installation into the floor rails. The floor mount with a Technimount standard base can accommodate the Cardiatek mounting bracket, as well as a multitude of different medical devices that have a Technimount bracket and bottom disc.

Product highlights

  • Compatible with Technimount’s universal standard base for North American ambulance builders
  • Compatible with air ambulance floor and ground ambulance rail mount systems in Europe
  • Includes hooks for power cable, canister holder and quick release removable fluid pole
  • Top-down movable handle for easy access to the unit
  • SAE J3043 certification in progress (Ground USA-Canada) and DIN EN 1789 (Europe)


  • Flexibility for use in different applications (surface, floor and wall systems) as well as other EMS or hospital environments
  • Access to screen from all angles (360° rotation)
  • Easy insertion of the AIC into bracket (top insert)
  • Built-in quick release mechanisms to easily remove device almost instantly
  • Reduce risk of damage causing costly repairs or complete replacement of medical equipment
  • Quick installation by end user with no modification needed to medical equipment

Designed for

Abiomed’s  Automated Impella Controller on:

  • EMS Vehicles
  • Ambulances (North America and Europe)
  • Air Ambulances
  • Military Vehicles

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