Standard Surface Base
Mounting System

The Standard Surface Base is a flexible and secure mounting solution for portable medical devices. The product enables paramedics and emergency providers to safely install their medical devices in various applications including surfaces, floors, and stretchers/cots.

SAE J3043 certified, the Standard Surface Base meets the industry’s highest standards and regulations for the transport of medical devices. Small and lightweight, the base allows for 360° rotation to ensure access to the medical device from any angle.

Compatible with all Technimount System products with the Standard Bottom Disc such as the Bracket Pro Serie® and the Stretcher Safety Arm System™, the Standard Surface Base is a flexible solution for EMTs, paramedics and healthcare providers to move their medical devices from a stretcher to a surface during patient transport.

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Product highlights

  • Compliant with high-impact resistance according to SAE J3043 standards
  • Designed to be small and lightweight to minimize space usage
  • Features a red quick release mechanism
  • Protected with a 15-micron anodized coating and is latex-free
  • Resistant to biological fluids and sodium
  • Constructed using highly resistant aluminum
  • Universal locking system allows for interchangeability between different medical devices for added versatility
  • Can be installed onto any flat, sturdy surface including Technimount’s Safety Arm stretcher mounting solution

Designed for:

  • Stretchers
  • EMS Vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Air Ambulances
  • Military Vehicles

Technimount’s Standard Base is the most commonly used base.  It measures 7.5” X 8” X 1.245”  (W x D x H).