AEGIS- Neonate Medical Wrap

Couplet-Care Reinvented

More Than 40 years of research demonstrates the powerful benefits of skin-to-skin contact for newborns.
Babies held skin-to-skin are shown to have stable vital signs (breathing, heart rate, temperature, blood
pressure and blood glucose levels.) It has been observed that babies cry less, sleep and feed better. They absorb the nutrients and digest their
food better.

The AEGIS neonate medical wrap, is the only FDA cleared skin-to-skin bonding device for hand-free couplet care.

Made with High-Perfomance Fabric

AEGIS inegrates X-STATIC® fiber which is made with 99.9% pure silver. It inhibits the growth of bacteria on the surface of fabrics and combiend with skin-to-skin practices, helps to maintain thermoregulation to reduce the risk of cold stress and hypothermia.

AEGIS Benefits

  • Hands-Free, allows for skin-to-skin contact
  • Facilitates breastfeeding, mobility and thermoregulation
  • Improves bonding, safety and recovery
  • Suitable for newborns and early infants 4 to 14 lbs (1.8-6.3 kg)
  • Can be used for twins
  • Nanoguard supports newborn’s head and neck
  • Supports newborn limbs close to the torso in a frog-legged natural anatomical/in-utero position
  • X-STATIC thermoregulatory properties helps to reduce the risk of hypothermia
  • FDA cleared general wellness medical device
  • Can be used in hospitals, during evacuations and emergency transport
  • Baby friendly, improves newborn care best practices
  • Quick access to 60 lb tested zipper with two sets of eye hook closures
  • Comes in 5 sizes

The Seatbelt of Maternity

The AEGIS is designed for hands free skin-to-skin couplet care. This safe and zero-separation device allows for breastfeeding within the wrap, minimizes the risk of injury and hypothermia in hospitals, during evacuation and multi-patient ambulance transports.

AEGIS provides easy accessibility for the transport team to continually assess health state, monitor and maintain thermoregulation for mother and baby throughout transport. It This couplet-care transport system, including its ABEO seatbelt attachment, is tested and compliant to SAE standards for occupant restraint in ambulance patient compartments for frontal, rear and side collisions.

AEGIS during emergency transport

  • Transport together to decrease mother and newborn stress
  • Transport together to keep food source close to baby
  • Newborn’s face is visible to easily monitor breathing by mother and transport team
  • Utilizes a 4-way stretch material to securely embrace the entire newborn’s body and effectively absorb energy from impacts
  • Tested and compliant to SAE regulations
  • Allows tubes/lines attached or umbilical cord to pass trhough easily
  • Mom’s chest acts as a support system to mitigate impact during a frontal collision
  • Compact and easy to store in ambulance unit
  • Listed on AAP and NASEMSO’s Pediatric Transport List

Watch how Aegis performs in the crash test!

* Aegis and Abeo are a registered trademarks of Saplacor, LLC. used under license. Technimount EMS is Saplacor’s exclusive distributor for the Emergency Medical Services and Hospital markets in Canada.