Carl Bouchard

Founder and CEO of Technimount System, Carl is the visionary behind our unique products offering.  Seeing that there was a real gap between OEM ambulances and medical devices manufacturers, Carl founded Technimount in 2013.  With a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and a diploma in International Sales & Negotiations, Carl has been working in the medical field for over 25 years, including for a manufacturer of medical devices for 15 years, as Canadian Sales Director.

Nancy Morest

Nancy is a strategic thinker with high customer focus. She has specialized in sales & marketing, quality, communications, administrative and operational management. Nancy has over 20 years of experience in Manufacturing, Engineering and Information Technologies’ Industries. At Technimount, Nancy is responsible for managing major accounts and new product development.

Lorena Ruelas

For over 20 years Lorena, Global Marketing Director at Technimount System, has developed a business sensitivity that results in practical and realistic solutions. She thrives by being able to bring into the market products that make a difference in people’s lives and being able to create a bond between brands and their customers. Being trilingual has come handy when implementing marketing strategies for local and international markets. She is a true team player do not be surprised if you see her at the soccer field!

Joey Larose

Director of Sales at Technimount Medical, Joey is a talented and experienced veteran in the industry with more than 20 years of experience. He has been key to the great success of our newest division Technimount Medical. Always joyful to contribute to the team and eager to share his valuable knowledge to determine the better solution for healthcare providers and OEM’s.

Nancy Wilson

Nancy is very resourceful and always on the lookout to provide the best possible solution to her customers. With more than 25 years of experience as a territory manager and key account manager, she has developed strategic partnerships and valuable relationships.  As Customer Servicer and Office Manager at Technimount System LLC., Nancy is always committed to supporting customers achieve success in their activities. She enjoys traveling and reading good novels.

Eric Hamel

Clinical Director with over 38 years of experience in EMS. Éric Hamel is renowned for his exceptional involvement in major emergency services and educational institutions. As a member of the Technimount System team, he supports the distribution of medical products and oversees the operations of clinical nature in the product design, commercialization, marketing, and general company operations. You will love to meet his special companion, Dude, a very empathetic therapy dog!

Mario Morin

As Purchasing Manager for HTMC Medical, Mario brings over 25 years of expertise in logistics and procurement. At the head of operations, he is in charge of planning, organizing and coordinating the procurement and management of all inventories. Mario is the main link between the company and the various suppliers. He is an important collaborator for the engineering, marketing, sales, delivery and customer service departments at Technimount.

Richard Labbé

Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Richard is a professional engineer specialized in medical device development, transfer to production and quality management. Developing an expertise over 15 years, Richard possess a wealth of knowledge with different aspects of medical devices, including quality, regulatory, operations, research and development, and project management. At Technimount, Richard leads the quality system and processes for compliance in emergency medical services (EMS),  aeronautics, and supports project management.

Ricardo D'Angelo

Director of Research & Development, Ricardo has a vast technical expertise acquired from working in a range of highly complex mandates. He will work with all Technimount’s companies to provide technical support for products developed and under development, to support the growth of our group through the marketing of new products, and to ensure proper project management.