IV Pro Adapter™
Accessory compatible with the Safety Arm System™

The IV Pro AdapterTM system for Stryker stretchers allows you to install an IV pole holder on the same side as the Safety Arm SystemTM. It is designed to be installed on the cot frame without any modifications to the original OEM structure and gives you the choice of installing one or two IV poles while the Safety Arm System is in use. The design allows the IV pole to be secured alongside the clamp block of the Safety Arm and does not interfere with its operation. This accessory is available for both left and right side of the cot/stretcher to address your operational needs.

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Having proper mount brackets to safely secure your medical devices is very important. This can avoid costly repairs or replacements of medical equipment and avoid possible injuries, which can lead to expensive lawsuits.

Product highlights

  • Lightweight
  • Perfectly fits with the clamp block
  • Quick installation with original cot/stretcher screw set
  • Minimum space and weight on the cot/stretcher
  • Anodized electrochemical coating for better durability & scratch resistance
  • No modification or change in the integrity of the cot/stretcher
  • Custom colour choices (Optional)
  • Resists biological fluids and sodium solution
  • Rust resistant
  • Available for both left and right sides of the cot/stretcher
  • 1-year full warranty

Designed for

  • Ambulances
  • EMS/Paramedic Vehicles
  • Cot/stretchers
  • Military Purposed Vehicles