Stretcher Safety Arm™ 500 Model
Mounting System For Stryker Stretchers

The Safety Arm 500 Model mounting system for Stryker stretchers allows you to take your defibrillators with you safely from one place to another on the patient’s stretcher. You simply need to have the right Technimount Bracket Pro Serie that adapts to your defibrillator device. We have safety arms that fit on both the left side and the right side of the Stryker stretchers, depending of your ambulance layout.

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Product highlights

  • Quick installation (less than 5 minutes).
  • Lightweight material, Aluminum high grade resistance.
  • Minimum space and weight on cot.
  • Anodized and electrochemical coating for better durability & scratch resistance.
  • Easy access to defibrillator and stretcher from both sides.
  • Easy access to O2
  • Fully respect the integrity of the cot – No modification needed.
  • Comaptible with Power-Load System or not.
  • Safe and resistant to impact.
  • Low maintenance cost, and no lub system.
  • Compatible with other options for device transport and mounts such as the Bracket Pro SerieTM mounts and Xtenstion Pro.
  • Custom color optional.
  • Resists to biological fluids and sodium solution.
  • Rust resistant.
  • 1-year full warranty.

Designed for

  • Stryker Stretchers
  • Patient beds
  • Cot for patient evacuation
  • EMS Vehicles

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Having proper equipment to safely secure your portable medical devices is very important. This can avoid costly repairs or replacements of medical equipment and avoid possible injuries which can lead to expensive lawsuits. Many times EMS operators are forced to place medical equipment on the patient’s stretchers because they simply don’t have room to secure the devices safely! This is what the Safety Arm is for!