THS Neonatal Cart

The Intra-Hospital Transport Cart for Dräger’s Incubator

The THS Neonatal Cart is meticulously designed to meet the demanding requirements of the neonatal care landscape, where navigating the challenge of ensuring the utmost safety and efficiency in intra-hospital transport emerges as a paramount concert. This solution provides healthcare professionals with a robust and versatile solution for transporting newborns and essential medical equipment within medical facilities.

Product Highlights

  • Secures Dräger’s incubator and various medical devices for safe intra-hospital transport
  • Responds to mobility needs allowing for effortless gliding and smooth maneuverability
  • Maximized medical device space through vertical and horizontal rail systems
  • Ergonomic vertical handles catering to all heights
  • Enables the support of heavy medical devices with a robust cart
  • UPS shelf for uninterrupted power supply
  • Space dedicated for gas cylinders
  • THS coupling device at either front or end of the incubator
  • Fold-up hitch featuring an easy quick release mechanism
  • Four dual wheel casters equipped with a braking system
  • Facilitates ongoing clinical care and newborn safety
  • Tested in compliance with IEC 60601-1 Ed. 3

Possible configurations

Customize your THS Neonatal Cart with the following options

Medical Grade Power Bar

Support Plate Dräger Mounting System

Support Plate Serres Canister

Type D-M15 & E-M24 Mounting Bracket

UPS Cable Management

Universal Mounting Base