Why Choose Technimount System

Whether you are an ambulance manufacturer, an EMS operator or more on the hospital side of operations, choosing Technimount is the best decision, bottom line.

Our products fit with all medical devices!

Everything we make is designed for flexibility in transporting portable medical devices.  No matter the brand, our brackets fit!

Our solutions are compliant with highest industry standards.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 4500 emergency vehicles are involved in accidents on a yearly basis.   Injuries from these crashes can come from unsecured equipment on EMS staff or patients.  Having a mount system that has been successfully tested with equipment is important and brings peace of mind.

At Technimount, we take safety very seriously.  Our products are compliant with the highest industry standards including the new SAE J3043 regulation for impact resistance with ambulance or emergency vehicles. Our products are fully tested with the CRIQ, which is the industrial research center of Quebec.   Tests on our mounting brackets are run by professionals at government funded labs and are done with actual medical devices.

We understand your needs.

Our experience with the industry’s largest companies as well as our team’s knowledge in the medical field gives us the edge to develop innovative solutions for the EMS, OEM and hospital markets.  Technimount System has partnerships with some of the best medical device manufacturers, ambulance builders and stretcher manufacturers.  Our systems are used by hundreds of clients across Canada, the United States and Europe.

We also offer a one-year fully warranty, and customer satisfaction warranty.  Learn more about this by visiting our Service & Support section.

Contact us today, we have inventory on hand for quick delivery!