Specialized Stand for Medical Devices

Designed to bring the right equipment to the right place and at the right time, the THS Medical Device Cart can securely support specialized medical devices such as ventilators, monitors, defibrillators, or any other medical device with all its accessories. Optionally, these carts can be equipped with our Universal Mounting Base allowing for complete compatibility with Technimount EMS’ mounting systems for medical devices making the transfers easier from an ambulance to the hospital.

Product Highlights

  • Features the Techni-Track patented technology in its main structure for maximum modularity for accessory installation
  • Different device Interfaces available to accommodate the most common medical devices
  • Optional integration of Technimount Medical’s Universal Mounting Base for maximum medical device compatibility with pre-hospital units
  • Height-adjustable handle with optional integrated utility tray
  • Optional single or double O2 tank holder
  • Drainage bag hook, and optional basket, hand sanitizer, and glove box holders
  • Medical grade power bar with surge protection
  • Highly-stable and unique design base with white powder-coated paint
  • Four 3-inch swivel casters including 2 with braking mechanisms made of urethane and impact-resistant nylon

Key Features

As part of the THS family, the Medical Device Stand features:

  • Technimount’s patented technology Techni-Track for maximum modularity and flexibility for accessory installation and interchangeability.


Customize your Medical Device Roll Stand with the following accessories

Height Adjustable

Adjustable Basket

Medical Grade Power
Bar with Surge

Hand Sanitizer

Glove Box Holder