THS Workstation on Wheels

A True WOW Factor in the Hospital

The slim design of the THS Workstation on Wheels makes it easy to maneuver, yet very stable and versatile. The sit-to-stand height-adjustable workstation can be customized according to your needs. It can receive an all-in-one computer, a standard computer set of CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, laptop, or a tablet. The Work Station on Wheels can also be equipped with various accessories such as different size drawers, an articulated arm for single or multiple screens, a printer, battery, and power bar holders.

Product Highlights

  • Slim and highly-stable design can fit in corridors or patient rooms
  • Available in a single or double screen mount configuration or optional single screen articulated arm model
  • Integrates Telescopic Column Structure for easier adjustment of the workspace
  • Lightweight and wide working surface with integrated magnetic keyboard tray
  • Features Techni-Track patented technology in its main structure for maximum modularity for accessory installation and cable management
  • Different combinations of drawer sizes available for a more custom configuration
  • Highly customizable with an optional handheld scanner, printer, and power bar holders
  • Medical grade power bar with surge protection that can fit a wide range of accessories such as basket, hand sanitizer, and glove box holders
  • Four 3-inch or 4-inch casters including 2 with braking mechanisms made of urethane and impact-resistant nylon

Key features

As part of the THS family, the Work Station on Wheels features our patented technology:

  • Techni-Track for maximum modularity and flexibility for accessory installation and interchangeability
  • A telescopic column structure that facilitates height adjustment to improve ergonomics in the workspace


Customize your IV Stand with the following accessories

Medical-grade 6-outlet power strip with cable management and protective cap

Printer Holder

Handheld Scanner

Medical Grade Power
Bar with Surge

3” or 6” Height

Glove Box Holder

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