Ergonomics in Any Hospital Room

The THS Ergo IV Stand has been developed with not only the medical staff but also the patients in mind. The unique base design of the Ergo IV Stand makes walking with it much easier by providing good stability and adequate foot space. The height-adjustable handle is also designed for a comfortable posture while walking. Now patients can move around with confidence with their equipment.


The Wall Mount System is designed to be installed either in an exam, operating, hallway, or patient room with minimal space requirements. These workstations incorporate essential ergonomic features, such as height adjustment and a retractable arm to minimize its footprint when it is not in use.
As part of the THS family, the Wall Mount System features our patented technology, the Techni-Track for maximum modularity and flexibility. Its robust design structure allows for the installation of different models of monitors and all-in-one computer monitors.

Key Features

As part of the THS family, the Wall Mount features:

  • Techni Track for maximum modularity and flexibility for accessory installation and interchangeability
  • Multiple installation settings with minimal space requirements
  • Height adjustment
  • Retractable arm