Bracket Pro Serie 92-FL4
Mounting System For 4 Sapphire™ Multi-Therapy Infusion Pumps

Designed for Air and Ground EMS and Critical Care Transport

Technimount’s Bracket Pro Serie® 92 – FL4 is designed for Air and Ground EMS and Critical Care Transport of up to 4 Sapphire™ Multi-Therapy Infusion Pumps. Highly flexible, it easily installs and transfers between stretchers/cots, counters and walls in aircraft and ground ambulances.

The Bracket Pro Serie® 92-FL4 features a Red Quick Release Mechanism for easy installation and removal of each pumps from its holder.

Product highlights

  • Designed to secure up to 4 Sapphire Multi-Therapy Infusion Pumps during Air and Ground EMS/Critical Care Transport
  • Designed to comply with SAE J3043 and FAA, 14 CFR § 23 (applicable sections)
  • Medical device retained on main assembly with individual locking mechanism on each pump holder
  • Anti-Rotation Micro Disc and Bottom Micro Disc to support multiple mounting configurations on stretchers/cots, surfaces and wall systems
  • Red Quick Release Mechanism to instantly remove the pump from its holder
  • High-density aluminum with blue-anodized finish
  • IV Pole with Quick Release Mechanism for use during air transport
  • Increases flexibility in EMS/Critical Care Transport with multiple configuration options for aircraft and ground ambulances
  • No interference with the medical device components, cables and tubing
  • Access to medical device from multiple angles when installed on the Xtension Pro Assistant – LP and Safety MD-Transporter
  • Easily install and remove the medical device from the bracket to follow the patient during care
  • Certified mounting system that complies with the highest industry standards and regulations
  • Reduces risks of damage to the equipment and ensures the safety of patients and crew during EMS and Critical Care transport
  • Quickly install the IV Pole during air transport and store directly on the bracket when not in use

Designed for:

  • Designed for Air and Ground EMS and Critical Care Transport

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