1 February, 2023

Bracket Pro Serie 35 – LP: A proven solution designed to meet your safety requirements

Designed for your safety

The Bracket Pro Serie® 35 – LP (BP 35 – LP) is a proven solution that secures the monitor/defibrillator LIFEPAK® 15. This mounting solution enables the attachment of side and rear pouches and allows continuous access to medical device components and features. Its SAE J3043 compliance ensures the safety of patients and crews during EMS and Critical Care Transport.

Increasing patient and crew safety during emergency services

Emergency vehicles pose a high risk of collisions while responding to emergency calls. During Emergency and Critical Transport, securing medical equipment is essential since all unsecured equipment can become projectiles in a crash. In addition to regular training in injury prevention, there are other effective ways to ensure safety in EMS. Adopting a certified mounting solution to secure medical equipment is a growing trend within the industry and an effective method for reducing the physical risk of patients and crews in the event of an impact.

Bringing innovation to well-known solutions

Technimount EMS recognizes the importance of safety and flexibility during EMS transport and focused on these two factors while developing the BP 35 – LP solution, as these are critical components for increasing patient care efficiency.

During the design phase, the team worked to develop a retaining frame that allows for easy medical equipment installation while maintaining a low profile design that merges into the medical device’s outline and adapts to the bracket without interfering with the device’s printer, cables and connections. When the device is installed in the BP 35-LP , it is simple to fasten and remove the solution from Technimount’s classic Standard Surface Base. Its highly resistant integrated feet protect the medical device while allowing for ground clearance while uninstalled.

Highly adaptable, this mounting system can be installed in multiple settings such as surfaces, stretchers, and floors in emergency vehicles. With the goal of increasing the safety of EMS personnel, this advanced solution distributes impact loads evenly on the bracket, protecting the medical equipment.

The BP 35 – LP features an ergonomic front handle that simplifies medical device maneuverability and improves ergonomics. This advanced solution was built with the best materials to withstand the demanding EMS and Critical Care Transport environments.

Diving deep into Emergency Medical Care

When responding to an emergency call, it is essential that a medical professional can continue to provide care to the patient even while on transport. Additionally, it is critical to have quick access to medical devices to assist the patient better, who usually requires immediate transport to a hospital with appropriate medical services.

Following the company’s approach to flexibility and safety, Technimount EMS is thrilled to offer its latest product in North America. The Bracket Pro Serie 35 – LP, is SAE-J3043 certified and provides users unparalleled safety and accessibility during Emergency Medical Transport. The Technimount team will continue to address the need for healthcare professionals’ safety and collaborate closely with medical experts to understand the industry’s evolving changes.

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Having proper support to hold your medical devices in place can prevent possible patient and staff injury and reduce the risk of potential damage or replacement of medical equipment.