Bracket Pro Serie® 80-GR1
Mounting System For B.Braun Infusomat® or Perfusor® Space Pumps

Designed for the Neonatal Stretcher System

Technimount’s Bracket Pro Serie® 80-GR1 is designed to provide neonatal transport teams with a safe solution to securely transport the B.Braun Infusomat® or Perfusor® Space Pumps during inter-hospital transfers for neonatal critical care. Made from high-density aluminum with black-anodized finish and an integrated transport handle, it is designed to comply with the highest industry standards for the safe transportation of medical devices including SAE J3043.

Designed with an Anti-Rotation Micro Disc to support multiple mounting configurations, it easily installs on stretchers/cots and wall systems in ground ambulances. Compatible with the Safety MD Transporter (Vertical), the 360° device rotation ensures EMS Providers have complete access and visibility to the medical devices from all angles during patient transport.

The Bracket Pro Serie® 80-GR1 features a Red Quick Release Mechanism for easy installation and removal of the medical device from the mounting system when needed.

Product highlights

  • Designed for the Neonatal Stretcher System
  • Mounting solution designed to comply with the highest industry safety standards for transport of medical equipment, SAE J3043
  • Anti-Rotation Micro Disc allowing various configurations of vertical mounting on stretcher and wall systems
  • Red Quick Release Mechanism to instantly remove the pump from the bracket
  • High-density aluminum with black-anodized finish
  • Compatible with Safety MD-Transporter™ and other Technimount EMS products with a Micro Base
  • Reduces risks of damage to the equipment and ensures the safety of patients and crew during Critical Care transport
  • Flexible solution ensuring medical device is within reach at all times
  • Safe mounting system to ensure medical device is secure during the patient transport
  • Resistant to biological fluids and Quaternary-type disinfectants
  • Access to medical device from all angles (360° rotation on the Safety MD Transporter)

Designed for:

  • Neonatal Stretcher System

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Having proper mount brackets to safely secure your medical devices is very important. This can avoid costly repairs or replacement of medical equipment and avoid possible injuries for patients and crews.