5 June, 2024

Technimount EMS and Compression Works Sign Exclusive Distribution Agreement in Canada

Quebec City, QC, (June 5th, 2024) – Technimount E.M.S. Holding Inc. (“Technimount EMS”), a Canadian company dedicated to serving the healthcare community with the highest quality products, announced today an exclusive distribution agreement in Canada with Compression Works Inc. (“Compression Works”), a medical device company focused on hemorrhage control and pelvic stabilization.

Technimount EMS is pleased to introduce to the Canadian market the Abdominal Aortic and Junctional Tourniquet – Stabilized (AAJT-S), a multi-purpose life-saving device to stop massive bleeding in the junctional regions of the body and pelvis in emergency, military, and hospital settings. Responding to the most pressing and unmet needs of healthcare providers and military caregivers, the AAJT-S is revolutionizing the advanced life-sustaining practice to stop non-compressible hemorrhages on the field or at the scene of the accident. This way they can save lives with an effective and easy-to-use technology.

FDA-cleared for four distinct indications, the AAJT-S, the world’s only multi-functional life-saving tourniquet for application in the axilla, on the abdomen, in the inguinal region and for control of junctional and pelvic bleeding as well as pelvic fracture stabilization and aortic is now available in Canada. Featured in over 70 scientific publications, the AAJT-S is the most studied device in its class and the only device proven to have saved lives in both upper and lower junctional bleeding.

With this agreement, Technimount EMS confirms its commitment to provide the most innovative solutions to the healthcare industry. “We are proud to partner with Compression Works for the distribution of the Abdominal Aortic and Junctional Tourniquet – Stabilized.” said Carl Bouchard, President, and CEO of Technimount System. “This cutting-edge solution will certainly help the Canadian medical and military communities to better support their care delivery and ultimately help them save lives.”

The foundation of this collaboration by both organizations is the pursuit of patient care excellence. “We are dedicated to elevating emergency care everywhere,” stated Scott Dodson, CEO, and President of Compression Works. “With our innovative compression technology, we provide intuitive, ready-to-use solutions that empower healthcare professionals to save lives.”

The AAJT-S will be presented for the first time in Canada at Technimount EMS’ booth during the Paramedics Chiefs of Canada Leadership Summit, to be held in Québec City from June 4-6, 2024.

About Technimount EMS

Technimount E.M.S. Holding Inc. is a manufacturing company that recently added to its portfolio a distribution component as part of the Technimount System group. It is dedicated to offering the highest quality products to the Canadian healthcare community, addressing the safety needs of patients and healthcare providers in hospitals, military, and emergency transport environments.

About Compression Works

Compression Works Inc. is the developer and manufacturer of the Abdominal Aortic and Junctional Tourniquet-Stabilized (AAJT-S) medical device. The company delivers innovative solutions to meet the most pressing and unmet needs of emergency healthcare providers and military medical caregivers. Compression Works is committed to hemorrhage control research, identifying capability gaps, and developing technologies and products to help facilitate the delivery of quality life-saving care.

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