23 January, 2024

Technimount EMS & Inovytec Sign Exclusive Distribution Agreement in Canada

Quebec City, QC, (January 23rd, 2024) – Technimount E.M.S. Holding Inc. (“Technimount EMS”), a Canadian company dedicated to serving the healthcare community with the highest quality products, announced today an exclusive distribution agreement in Canada with Inovytec Medical Solutions Ltd. (“Inovytec”), an innovative medical device company that develops cutting-edge solutions in the field of advanced emergency care, with a focus on respiratory and cardiac failures.

Technimount EMS is pleased to introduce to the Canadian market the Ventway Sparrow product line, a family of portable, robust, high-performance ventilators designed for in-hospital transport, emergency services, military, and homecare environments. With three different models, compact, impact-resistant, and weighing just one kilogram, the Ventway Sparrow is revolutionizing the advanced life-sustaining practice in emergency response, military, and hospital settings.

FDA-cleared and Health Canada-authorized, the Ventway Sparrow, an ultra-portable turbine ventilator, has been successfully deployed in more than 20 countries worldwide. Now available in Canada, it will allow emergency medical services, the military, and hospitals to enable effective ventilation from the point of injury to the intensive care units.

This agreement allows Technimount EMS to confirm its engagement with the healthcare community to offer the most innovative and highest-quality range of products. “We are delighted to partner with Inovytec for the distribution of the Ventway Sparrow product line,” said Carl Bouchard, President, and CEO of Technimount System. “We are proud to offer the healthcare community in Canada these innovative products that will create a positive impact on medical practices and enhance the quality of care that patients receive,” he stated.

The foundation of this partnership relies on the pursuit of excellence in patient care by both companies. “Our products are designed to dramatically increase the chances of survival for critical patients, where the first high-performance treatment is crucial,” stated Udi Kantor, CEO, and Co-Founder of Inovytec. “Bringing both teams to work together for the benefit of patients in Canada is a great responsibility that fills us with pride,” he concluded.

About Technimount EMS

Technimount E.M.S. Holding Inc. is a manufacturing company which recently added to its portfolio a distribution component as part of Technimount System group. It is dedicated to offering the highest quality products to the Canadian healthcare community, addressing the safety needs of patients and healthcare providers in hospitals, military, and emergency transport environments.

About Inovytec

Founded in 2011, Inovytec Medical Solutions Ltd. is an innovative medical device company that develops cutting-edge solutions in the field of advanced emergency care, with a focus on respiratory and cardiac failures. Our products are designed to increase the chances of survival for critical medical victims, where the first efficient treatment is crucial, even in harsh environments. We look forward to developing partnerships and products that focus on finding new solutions to help professionals and non-professionals save lives.

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