An ambulance belonging to a fire and rescue squad was involved in a dangerous rollover accident. The only undamaged piece of equipment was the squad’s LifePak 15 which was held securely in place by Technimount’s Bracket Pro Serie™ 35.


The Princess Anne Courthouse Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad located in Virginia Beach, Virgina serves over 40, 000 families and is comprised of 90 dedicated volunteers.

In April of 2018, an ambulance belonging to the squad was stolen and taken on a joyride which resulted in a dangerous crash. “On April 19th we had an ambulance stolen”, Mr. Andrew Rabideau, volunteer EMT for the Prince Anne Courthouse Rescue Squad said. “The person who stole it took our ambulance for a 4-mile joyride and ended up rolling the ambulance on its roof. I would love to say that the only piece of equipment that wasn’t damaged and stayed in place was our LifePak 15 which was in your Bracket Pro Serie™ 35 bracket”.

Bracket Pro Serie™ 35

In a communication sent to Technimount System, Mr. Rabideau went on to say “as a volunteer rescue squad, I would love to say thank you for such a great product. Not only did it save a piece of equipment, it saved us trying to figure out how to replace it unlike all the other equipment that was damaged – your product is superior to others”.

SAE J3043 certified, our Bracket Pro Serieproduct line is designed to keep medical devices securely in place during patient transport. Made from high-density aluminum, its locking mechanism makes it highly impact resistant up to 30G. During an accident such as this, the mounting system’s impact resistance is critical to avoid costly repairs or replacements of medical equipment and most importantly, any injuries to patients and crews.

“This situation is very unfortunate for an EMS, however, we are pleased to see the quality of our mounts in a real incident and hear that their LP15 does not have to be replaced,” said Carl Bouchard, Founder and CEO of Technimount System. “Our products are tested by a government laboratory, ensuring our mounting systems comply with the highest industry standards for impact resistance. However, it is different when it happens in the real context; this is where we see our systems take on a key role in protecting lives and medical equipment”.

About Princess Anne Courthouse Rescue Squad

The Princess Anne Courthouse Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad was formed by 12 residents in April of 1947. It was formed because of the need for the service in the area. In 2017 the squad is the third largest of the 10 all volunteer rescue squads in Virginia Beach. We have a membership that total 90 dedicated volunteers volunteering in excess of 40,000 hours annually operating four Advanced Life Support ambulances and one Special Events cart out of two stations and still serving a primary response area that encompasses approximately 1/3 of the city’s land mass (100 Sq Miles) and a population that is in excess of 40,000 families. For more information visit


About Technimount System

Technimount System designs and develops mounting solutions that provide first responders and healthcare professionals with a complete system for portable medical device management during patient transport.

Technimount’s unparalleled universal mounting system can fit multiple brands, models, and applications of portable medical equipment in ambulances, stretchers and cots in hospitals, EMS, and military environments.

Safety is at the Core of Our Actions

Along with offering high-quality products, providing safety and flexibility to EMS providers while using our mounting solutions is one of our main priorities. All our systems are tested by an independent third-party government laboratory in Quebec City, Canada to avoid testing bias, while ensuring our products comply with the industries standards such as SAE J3043.

Learn why we have the safest mounting solutions on the market for portable medical devices.