Safely Secure Portable Medical Devices 


The space in the back of an ambulance is limited. Paramedics often have to reach over patients to grab items. Medical devices are on the floor and could easily be stepped on. Sometimes equipment is placed on the stretcher. All of this creates an unsafe environment. Technimount solutions offer a safer way to transport devices without affecting crew’s work.


The Stretcher Safety Arm System™ mounting system for stretchers allows users to securely position medical devices such as defibrillators directly on a stretcher. Not only is it out of the way, but it can easily be transported from place to place.


Justin Reed, EMS Chief for the Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department in Texas, was immediately sold on the device after watching a demo on YouTube. “We needed a solution to get the monitor off the floor and onto somewhere it would be secured.” he says.

Safety Arm System

Technimount representatives met with Reed at Pinnacle 2017 in Boca Raton, Fla., to demonstrate the Safety Arm System in person. Cy-Fair ultimately purchased the device for its entire fleet of 20 ambulances. “The device has been a game changer for our crew in that they don’t even notice it’s a new piece of equipment because it’s so functional,” says Reed. “Having that arm there to get the monitor out of everyone’s way helps us in every single aspect.”


For the patient, he explains, it places the monitor in front of them, allowing the paramedic to better engage in dialogue with the patient about what is happening. “With that monitor front and center, you can also show the patient their blood pressure and heart rate,” he says. “In addition, the real estimate in an ambulance is prime, and having the monitor out of the way opens up the square footage we need. It’s out of the way – out of sight and out of mind.”

About Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department

The Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department was started in 1962 and is located in the northwest region of Harris County, Texas. The department responds to over 15,000 calls for service per year. At one time, Cy-Fair VFD was considered the largest multi-service volunteer department in North America.

The department provides fire, EMS, and dispatch services within a protection area that encompasses 164 square miles and is home to 440,000 citizens. Its total staff of 600 includes 350 volunteer firefighters. The department operates 13 fire stations. For more information visit

Safety is at the Core of Our Actions

Along with offering high-quality products, providing safety and flexibility to EMS providers while using our mounting solutions is one of our main priorities. Technimount’s mounting systems are designed and tested in compliance with SAE J3043, the highest industry standards for the safe transportation of medical devices.

By implementing truly scalable and flexible mounting systems, EMS providers can maximize the space inside an ambulance while ensuring a safer environment for themselves and their patient.

Learn why we have the safest mounting solutions on the market for portable medical devices.