The Crash Cart Flex Adapter

The Crash Cart Flex AdapterTM is designed to adapt the Lifeline Emergency Cart® mounting system to the Technimount System’s Bracket Pro SerieTM mounting solutions. A Technimount’s Standard or Extended Surface Base can be installed by adding a Crash Cart Flex Adapter TM on the arm of the cart. This system will allow you to secure all kinds of medical devices, and you get 360 rotation of the medical device, seating on the plate of the cart.

Having proper mount brackets to safely secure your medical devices is very important. This can avoid costly repairs or replacements of medical equipment and avoid possible injuries, which can lead to expensive lawsuits.

Product highlights

  • Lightweight and compact size with the base
  • Quick Release and re-attachment
  • Minimum space for installation
  • Safe and Easy to secure medical equipment
  • Immediate access if you need to release the equipment
  • Match with Bracket Pro series mount system from us
  • Latex free
  • Resists to biological fluids, and sodium.
  • 1-year full warranty.

Designed for

  • ER / Exam room Wall installation
  • Arm extension
  • Intensive Emergency
  • Lifeline Emergency Cart® and other similar crash carts