Extended Base
Mounting System

Technimount bases allow you to install your Bracket Pro system on different locations. Offering the same features as the Standard Surface Base, the Extended Surface Base gives you much more landing surface if you medical device has a specific shape or is heavy to handle.

Product highlights

  • Certified for high impact resistance according to SAE J3043, with a medical device
  • Small and lightweight for minimum space usage
  • Fast and safe red release handle lock system
  • Self-locking mechanism and releases instantaneously
  • Locking system resists to impacts many times the G-Force
  • Protected with an anodized coating of 15 microns, and latex free
  • Stronger push with ball bearing lock
  • Longer landing surface for specific medical devices or heavy units
  • Resists to biological fluids, and sodium
  • Rust-resistant, made of high-grade aluminum
  • Interchangeability between the base to all kind of mounts for medical devices which gives flexibility
  • Locking mechanism successfully tested for over 20 000 movements without failure

Designed for

ZOLL, Philips and Physio Control defibrillator in:

  • Stretchers
  • EMS Vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Air Ambulances
  • Military Vehicles

Technimount’s Extended Base is chosen when you need to have more with 7.5” X 11” X 1.245”  (W x D x H).