16 November, 2022

Technimount’s Xtension Pro Assistant – LP Winner of the EMS World Innovation Awards 2022

Quebec, QC, (November 16, 2022) – Technimount EMS (“Technimount”), an affiliated company of Technimount System and leading provider of mounting solutions for medical devices, is proud to announce that its Xtension ProTM Assistant – LP has been named 2022 EMS World Innovation Awards winner.

Xtension Pro Assistant - LP est Lauréat pour le EMS innovation award 2022

The Xtension ProTM Assistant – LP is an unparalleled solution that allows to safely carry multiple medical devices on the LifePort Cot during Air Critical Care Transport. This mounting solution reduces medical equipment installation time by incorporating innovative features highly appreciated by CCT teams, such as a two-sided open structure that facilitates a lateral patient transfer from bed/stretcher to cot while the medical equipment remains installed. Integrating Technimount’s universal mounting system, this solution ensures a seamless transition from air to ground emergency transport up to hospital environments. The Xtension ProTM Assistant – LP is a flexible solution that reduces medical equipment time management, allowing the Critical Care team to be more efficient in managing equipment and concentrating on what matters most, patient care.

Being the most prestigious award in the Emergency Medical Service industry, the EMS World Innovation Awards recognizes products for their innovative features and applicability that can significantly improve and potentially transform EMS care. Nominee and winner for many consecutive years, Technimount distinguishes itself by recognizing the evolving needs of the critical care industry and by responding with what is the most advanced solution for air transport.

“It is an honor for us to get such recognition from the industry’s most esteemed award in 2022,” said Carl Bouchard, Founder, and CEO of Technimount System. “Being recognized as an innovative company over the years drives us to exceed our own expectations for the best interest of our clients. We take great pride in the acknowledgment we receive from the healthcare community for bringing to the market solutions that truly respond to their needs.”

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