Origin of Concept

The concept for Technimount Systems’ mounting systems was created in 2013. Our unique vision began with the development of our universal Standard Surface Base. Combined with high-quality, ergonomic designs for brackets with advanced safety features for various medical devices, Techimount’s mounting system concept revolutionized the way first responders can safely transport their medical devices.


Addressing Operational Needs of EMS and Healthcare Professionals

We developed solutions that not only can be fixed to ambulance counters and walls but also follow the patient while simplifying the configuration of working areas during patient transport on stretchers. Our unparalleled level of flexibility allows for maximum operativity in EMS, hospital, and military environments.


Technimount SystemSafety is at the Core of Our Actions

All our systems are tested by a government laboratory, ensuring our mounting systems comply with the highest industry standards for impact resistance.  Our system certifications ensure that patients and crews are kept safe during EMS and Critical Care Transport (CCT) as medical devices are properly secured.

Our testing process is completed with real medical devices including all the components or exact reproductions to simulate actual operating conditions.

  • Step 1 – A few design concepts are first created by our engineering and design team and the most appropriate design that will meet customer requirements is then selected.
  • Step 2 – Computer Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulations are executed to test the material, density, hardware, and size, etc. Additional tests are also completed to simulate mechanical strength and stress.
  • Step 3 – In-house tests with prototypes are run to measure the stress of different concepts to validate our initial calculations, designs, and life cycle resistance of all mechanisms.
  • Step 4 – Excecuted by Technimount Engineering, the final certification is done according to SAE J3043 recommended practice on production equivalent products to ensure that final designs meet all performance requirements.


We have the safest solutions on the market for portable medical mount systems.

Innovative Ground and Air Transport Solutions to Assist First Responders

We are driven to design innovative solutions that respond to the unique medical management needs of emergency and CCT for ground and air ambulances. We are committed to evolving our solutions as healthcare practices evolve.


We work with over 60 distribution partners across North America, supporting many EMS organizations.

Discover the Evolution of Safety


Standard Surface Base

Standard Surface Base – Install your Bracket Pro Serie® bracket where you need it most on your stretcher or a fixed surface in an air or ground ambulance, EMS or military vehicle.

Bracket Pro Serie

Mounting System – Our acclaimed Bracket Pro Serie® product line began with mounting systems for leading defibrillators brands. It has now grown to include specialized systems for ventilators and pumps for various medical devices. Certified to the SAE J3043 regulation for ambulance equipment mount devices or systems, it increases safety for patients and first responders.

Safety Arm System

Safety Arm System™ (Straight) – It is designed to transport any type of medical device, such as defibrillators and ventilators, on a stretcher in a secure way. SAE J3043 certified, installation is done without any modifications to the stretcher or medical device needed.


IV Pro Adapter

IV Pro Adapter™ – It enables you to add an IV Pole on the same side as the Safety Arm System, it fits with stretchers with or without a Knee Gatch position option.


Xtension Pro- ECMO

Xtension Pro™ – ECMOWinner of the 2017 EMS World Innovation Award, it is designed to transport ECMO devices securely on a stretcher. It is a flexible solution designed to fit with various ambulance layouts as it can be installed on the left or right side of the stretcher.

Safety Arm System™ (Straight – Left side) – We evolved our well-known Safety Arm System ™ to be able to be installed easily on the left side of the stretcher, providing first responders with a flexible solution to meet the needs of their ambulance layout.


Safety MD-Transporter

Safety MD – Transporter™ – SAE J3043 certified, it is designed to secure your small medical devices that weigh less than 15 lbs, providing improved safety for patients and paramedics.

Safety Arm System

Safety Arm System™ (Angular) – The third evolution of our Safety Arm System™ provides first responders with another option designed for the unique needs of their environment. The angled Safety Arm System™ allows more clearance while using multiple portable devices. It is recommended when used together with the Safety MD Transporter.



Cardiatek™ Mounting BracketEMS World Innovation Award Winner for 2019, the Cardiatek mounting bracket is the only universal solution to mount the Automated Impella Controller (AIC) in different applications such as stretcher, surface, floor, and wall systems.


Bracket Pro Serie® 26, 60, 100, 101, 105 and 110 for VentilatorsThe Bracket Pro Serie® product line is designed for the safe transportation of ventilators during Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Critical Care Transport. As the most complete product line dedicated to specialized medical devices, it includes mounting systems for ventilators such as: EMV+® from Zoll (BP-26), Hamilton-T1® from Hamilton Medical (BP-60), Crossvent® (BP-100) from Bio-Med Devices, EnVe®/ReVel® (BP-105) from Vyaire Medical, and Monnal® (BP-110) from Air Liquide Healthcare.

Techni-Shield Defender

Techni-Shield Defender™ – A transparent protective screen for stretchers, the Techni-Shield Defender™  acts as a barrier between the patient and emergency staff to reduce the risk of exposure to patients potentially contaminated with infectious respiratory diseases. Reusable and adjustable for patient height, its top and bottom openings avoid additional oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide build-up.

Bracket Pro Serie 25 Flex

Bracket Pro Serie® 25 Flex – A lightweight and flexible mounting system designed for intensive use in tough EMS environments. SAE J3043 certified, it ensures a safer environment during patient transport for the ZOLL X Series Monitor / Defibrillator.

Techni-Tab Assistant

Techni-Tab™ Assistant – The first mounting system for tablets designed to be securely installed on stretchers during patient transport, the Techni-Tab Assistant is a highly flexible solution with multiple configuration options available including the patient left or patient right side.


Bracket Pro Serie® 80, 85, 120, 121, 122 and 152 for Pumps – The Bracket Pro Serie® product line is designed for the safe transportation of infusion and perfusion pumps during air (FL) and ground (GR) transport for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Critical Care Transport. Capable of housing singular or multiple pumps, this product line includes mounting systems for pumps such as: Infusomat and Perfusor Space Pumps from B.Braun (BP 80-GR, BP-80 GR1 and BP 80-FL), ICU Medical ESP 60 Syringe Pump (BP 85), Baxter Sigma Spectrum Pump (BP 120-GR and BP-120 FL), Baxter Spectrum IQ (BP 121-GR, BP-121-GR1 and BP 121-FL), Baxter Colleague CX Volumetric Infusion Pump (BP 122) and Smiths Medical Medfusion 4000 Syringe Infusion Pump (BP 152).

Neonatal Stretcher System – A first in North America for this multi-equipment concept, this revolutionary solution sets the standard for medical equipment management in critical care neonatal transport. By securing medical devices in specialized mounting solutions, neonatal critical care transport teams can configure their stretcher according to their protocols with the equipment they already have. Previously impossible, the Technimount’s Neonatal Stretcher System gives full access to medical device monitors and controls at all times during transport, making patient care more efficient and responsive.

Xtension Pro Assistant - LP

The Xtension Pro Assistant – LP – Designed for air critical care transport, the Xtension Pro Assistant – LP facilitates the handling and transport of multiple medical devices and accessories on the LifePort Cot. It facilitates lateral patient transfer from bed to cot and improved accessibility to patients during transport. Its free-standing and anti-stress structure is robust and durable, and complies with CFR 23.561.

The Technimount System Difference

We have built our expertise in developing universal mounting systems specialized for stretchers that have been designed for the leading brands and models of medical devices. We offer the most flexible system for medical equipment configuration during patient transport on the market.


Compatible with Ambulance Builders, Ground, Flight, and Hospitals

Specially tailored to the unique operational needs of first responders, our flexible design enables our system to be moved from the stretcher to the wall, surface, and floor. Our mounting system is scalable and compatible for different levels of configuration such as basic 911 configuration up to the complex use of multiple devices for CCT.


High-quality Products Developed for a Demanding Environment

Manufactured with the high-quality materials, our systems are resistant to corrosion and biological fluids. The fast, red release handle lock system allows for quick installation and removal to customize the display according to patient needs. Combined with their lightweight and robust design, our mounting systems are recognized internationally as the most reliable solution available to healthcare professionals.

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