The introduction of telemedicine in ambulance transport now allows EMS providers to interact in real-time with medical specialists during some of the most challenging moments in emergency patient care. With the use of telemetry monitoring in EMS, medical professionals in remote locations have immediate access to vital parameters such as ECG, pulse oximetry, blood pressure, among others.

Since 2019, Technimount’s Techmetry mounting system has provided paramedics and EMTs with easy access to telemetry monitors while ensuring the safety for the patients and crew during transport in ambulances, mobile health clinics, stroke mobile units, mobile diagnostic and ALS units.

The Techmetry mounting system has a unique locking mechanism to position the monitor as desired by the crew, to facilitate the communication between the EMS providers and the physicians during transport or while in remote locations. This system can be adapted to different monitor brands and can be easily installed by the end user when the monitor is incorporated – not necessarily during vehicle built or remount.

The Techmetry mounting system includes the ceiling handrail that has been specifically developed to hold the monitor mount. It is available in two options: double or single ceiling handrail, to better adapt to vehicle configuration. The monitor mount can easily be removed from and reinstalled on the handrail without requiring special tools.

Features and Benefits

  • SAE J3043 certification in process
  • Unique locking mechanism allows to place the monitor according to the patient position
  • Folds up when not in use to maximize usage of space
  • Robust and durable design that can withstand even the toughest of use in EMS environments
  • Can accommodate different types and brands of monitors
  • Deployment in seconds to instantly bring physician into the field
  • No tools required for the installation and removal of the mount from the ceiling handrail
  • Can be installed by end users – not necessarily during vehicle built or remount

Designed for

  • Stroke Units
  • Diagnostic Units
  • ALS Units
  • Mobile Clinics
  • EMS Vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Air Ambulances

Having proper mounting brackets to safely secure your medical devices and equipment during transport is very important. This can avoid costly repairs or complete replacements of medical equipment as well as possible injuries to patients and crew.